Diamond tower

One of the most popular slots on the web, Diamond Tower is by far one of the biggest slots online, and also one of the most exciting. Developed by slot machine game developer and five-reel scratch card casino software company, Lightning Boxes. Unlike many other slots games, Diamond Tower breaks from the usual and is completely designed around the classic payline patterns.

What sets Diamond Tower apart from other slot games online is the fact that the main screen is divided into two separate screens, namely, the bonus screen and the regular gaming screen. These two screens contain two bonus icons, the first of which is worth 1000 credits and can be used to activate one of the many available cheat codes for Diamond Tower. The second icon is worth a meager little less credit but can be used to activate one of the many “secret” offers contained in the game’s files. These offers are what make Diamond Tower so alluring to players, as they are kept a closely guarded secret and only a lucky few will ever know about them.

A quick look through the game’s code reveals many interesting hidden offers and secret codes, such as “betrayal”, “deflation”, and “double looping”. All of these options can be used to significantly alter the payouts of Diamond Tower, providing both strong winning rates and sizable residual incomes. The best way to take advantage of all the available options with Diamond Tower is to use a combination of multipliers. Multipliers not only allow one to earn more in each game, but they can also multiply the payouts, making it possible to earn substantial profits even when losing a set amount of coins. Using a combination of three to five multipliers, for example, can make Diamond Tower far more profitable than most other slots online, allowing players to reap the benefits of their time and effort through careful management of their bankroll.