Leprechaun’s magic

This 5-reel, 3-line slot from NetEnt is a popular one among fans of the casino theme. Besides offering exciting features, this slot also offers an electrifying maximum win of 5000 times your stake. Despite being a magical creature, leprechauns are not purely good or evil. They are known to be sneaky and agile creatures, and they rarely attack innocent people. However, they do play tricks on people who attempt to trick them or take advantage of them.

Leprechaun’s Magic is a 5-reel slot with many bonus features. The bonus round is easy to trigger, but there are a number of ways to trigger it. Its nifty bonus round is triggered when you land three scatter symbols. Then, the wheel spins and reveals the prize that you’ve won. You can score up to 8 free spins depending on how many scatter symbols you have.

In order to play Leprechaun’s Magic, you need to have an account on the Red Tiger Gaming website. The game is compatible with all operating systems, including Mac OS. Its heavy graphical interface will be easy to navigate. The game is based on the Red Tiger Gaming engine, which runs smoothly at the highest frame-per-second. The RTG Core architecture is next-generation, and provides the highest quality of visuals.