Rainbow jackpots power lines

You’ve come to the other side from the bright side of this beautiful rainbow, it is only a pity that there is little of that white glitter any more. When first started playing these Rainbow Jackpots Power Lines slot machine, it really had the title logo on it, oh what was i thinking! I must have looked quite ridiculous having the sign above my head, like some sort of a jackpot winner. Any way I played it and the money kept rolling in, not realising what I was doing, I just kept trying to get the winning numbers. After a few days, my phone began to ring, “hey you’ve won the jackpot, I can’t wait to see the numbers” I said to myself, surely it wasn’t me.

Then I saw the number one, and then the second and third, and soon I was just sitting there looking at the screen in sheer dumbfounded shock. It was the jackpot! Holy cow, this was the biggest jackpot I ever saw on a Rainbow Jackpots power lines slot machine. And I spent so much time getting it just right for the big jackpot, I hope I’m not leaving any of you guys out there with empty wallets.

The best part about winning this huge jackpot was the free beer bonus symbols. The fact that I was only in the office for a couple of hours didn’t seem to bother the girl who was treating me like royalty, all I could think about was getting the heck out of there as fast as I could before she came back and reset the game. She even let me have a free T-shirt, which is fantastic. Now that is what you would call a win-win situation.