Robocop is just one of Playtech’s new releases to date and has been launched within the last month across multiple casino websites. The futuristic video game instantly became a huge hit amongst online reel players and there’s a very good reason for that – the game boasts a plethora of great features, excellent visuals, excellent audio and a thrilling gameplay. Playing as Robo Cop, your mission in this game is to stop a variety of criminals from harming the innocent citizens of Detroit and instead put an end to their misdeeds by any means necessary. You’ll use a selection of devices such as the police car sirens, a fire truck and even a helicopter to perform your crime catching missions. In typical video game fashion, you’ll also be required to perform a series of stunts and get into collisions with other vehicles in order to accomplish your goals.

The online game is very much like any other Robocop video game tous the player takes on the role of the Robocop robot and is to perform stunts, beat up bad guys and generally prevent crime from being committed. You’ll be rewarded with points every so often which will help you upgrade your robot with features like higher frame rate, more weapons and the ability to run faster. Some of the challenges are a little too easy but that’s okay – you can always restart a level if you get killed and lose your progress. There are a couple of modes to play in Robocop too, including Story, Endless and Multiplayer. Story mode will basically see you playing the role of a Robocop once again – take out the crowd with some well-placed hits and keep moving forward until you reach the final objective. You’ll find a number of hidden collectibles to find as well as a number of reels to play with including the push button, touch screen and the circular buttons.

The multiplayer mode sees you pitted against other online users either locally or across the internet for the ultimate futuristic playing card game. Play Robocop either as the cop or the criminal and win prizes or buy upgrades for your Robocop to help it out. If you’re not sure whether you’re going to like this game then you can always return to the classic mode where you’ll have to complete a set number of tasks before you move on. It’s an entertaining flash game that can’t really be described as a ‘game’ but more as a great way to entertain yourself with some futuristic playing card technology.